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Where To Buy Vintage Vinyl Records?

Frank Sinatra Beckoning You To Buy Vintage Vinyl Records

Finding the best Vintage Vinyl Records can be a challenging pursuit. Rooting through car boot sales, charity shops, records fairs and endless jumble sales are the goto source for many collectors. The thrill of the chase in these vintage vinyl haunts is the passion of the truly dedicated. There is no doubt these kind of venues can bring some surprises.

We though at take the hunt for Vintage Vinyl to another level. With our record industry connections, long list of contacts and dedication to finding the best Vinyl we have bought a wonderful treasure filled vinyl hoard to one place.

With a massive collection of Vintage Vinyl we are a fantastic online resource to discover and buy some amazing vinyl finds.

With no bias in musical genre, niche or artist we have something for every taste and passion.

Picture of Fats Waller at his piano playing Ain't Misbehavin - Vintage Vinyl Record

Why Should You Buy Vintage Vinyl From Us?

We check every record that passes through our hands and when I say hands, I mean it, we check them all, thoroughly. We look for those scratches and imperfections that can cause so much disappointment. Vinyl can be a tricky friend and can suffer from lack of love, with warps, dirt and age taking a heavy toll. We root out these issues, resolving them where possible and consigning the worst to recycling. We then grade our Vintage Vinyl carefully providing you with the confidence that a Near Mint record really is Near Mint and that a Very Good record won’t sound like it’s been run over by a tank.

We inspect all those Vintage Record Sleeves for rips and tears, carefully repairing them where possible and restoring them to their very possible best. We also grade our sleeves identifying what is truly Mint and what is Very Good.

10CC How Dare You Vinyl Sleeve Cover

We Clean By Hand All Our Vintage Vinyl and Sleeves

All of our vinyl and their accompanying sleeves are cleaned with an attention to detail and care that would make the British library wince.

All our records are cleaned with a pure alcohol solution, with pure soap and distilled water to ensure all our Vintage Vinyl Records will arrive to you in the best possible condition.

Similarly all our record sleeves are cleaned by hand using antiseptic specialist wipes bringing those gorgeous sleeves back to their very best.

We go that extra mile to determine the best possible Vintage Vinyl Record buying experience.

In short, when you receive a Vintage Vinyl from us you’ll know it has been cared for, checked, stored and cleaned by professionals.

Abbey Lincoln Affair Vintage Vinyl Record Sleeve
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