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Girl rockabilly music far holding the stars and stripes flagRockabilly Vinyl Records and CDs For Sale in Our Online UK Shop. With a Fantastic Selection of Rockabilly Music We Have Something For All Fans Of This Genre.

Rockabilly music is a vibrant and influential genre that emerged in the early 1950s, primarily in the southern United States. It’s characterised by its unique fusion of rock ‘n’ roll and hillbilly (country) music, resulting in a high-energy and rhythmically infectious sound. Rockabilly played a pivotal role in shaping the future of rock music and remains beloved by enthusiasts worldwide.

At the heart of rockabilly is the distinctive “slap-back” style of double bass playing, along with the use of simple, yet highly expressive guitar riffs and solos. The lyrics often revolve around themes of love, rebellion, and teenage angst, reflecting the spirit of the era.

Elvis Presley is perhaps the most iconic figure associated with rockabilly, thanks to hits like “That’s All Right” and “Heartbreak Hotel.” His charismatic stage presence and fusion of rock and country elements helped propel rockabilly into the mainstream.

Other influential rockabilly artists include Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash, who contributed to the genre’s development and popularity. The rockabilly movement also introduced a distinctive fashion style, featuring pompadour hairstyles, leather jackets, and high-waisted pants, which have endured as iconic symbols of the genre.

While rockabilly’s commercial peak was in the 1950s, its spirit lives on through dedicated musicians and enthusiasts. Contemporary artists like Brian Setzer and the Stray Cats have kept the genre alive, infusing it with a modern edge.

Rockabilly’s enduring appeal lies in its raw energy, rebellious attitude, and timeless rock ‘n’ roll spirit, making it a cherished and enduring subgenre in the rich tapestry of popular music.

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