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If you are an Independent Musician or Band and you sell your Music on Vinyl Record and CD format may be able to help you.

At we offer Retail and Promotion services to Independent Musicians and Bands.

We can stock your Music on a sale or return basis and actively market your merchandise across our Multi Online Retail Channels. We sell globally and are specialists in selling Vinyl Records and CDs. We believe implicitly in tangible music media and are passionate about all things Pop Culture.

There is something quite special about actually owning Music for now and forever.

We know that reach and access to markets and new fans isn’t easy and can be a particular problem for Independent Musicians and Emerging Artists.

With you can focus on making the music while we help to promote, pick, pack and sell your music.

To find out what other Independent Musicians think about our service here is a quote from a band we stock – is a real gem of a site. The passion that its founder Colin Davenport has for music of all genres – from classical to hip-hop – is evident on every page of the website. With such an extensive catalogue of CDs and vinyl from the 1950s to the present day, all curated with great attention to detail, I was honoured when chose to stock recordings of my music and those of my band The Firrenes. It is hugely gratifying to be included on this excellent platform. It further extends the reach of our physical products to new and existing fans.”

Julian Wagstaff

If you’d like to stock and promote your music pop your details in the contact box below and we’ll be in touch if we think we can help.

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