Sid Phillips Vinyl Records

Sid Phillips Clarinet Marmalade LP Album Cover Front

Sid Phillips is known widely as the King of The Clarinet and is regarded as a star Jazz Musician of his era. Born in London Sid had a tangental arrival to a career in music via an initial attempt at the medical profession. Sid’s musical calling was though so strong he eventually left his medical career to concentrate heart and soul into his musical career, luckily for us.

Sid had a glittering musical career and is widely regarding as being preeminent in the success of the Ambrose Orchestra. Sids compositions and arrangements formed much of the Ambrose musical back bone. His contribution led to invites from America shortly before World War Two.  During this time Sid drew huge admiration from the American Jazz public along with respect from Jazz legends such as Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman.

Sid also went onto serve as an intelligence officer in the RAF.

Sid leaves behind a fantastic body of work which we celebrate here with some of Sid Phillips Vintage Jazz Vinyl Records.

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