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Nat King Coles Vinyl Records – A Closer Look at His Career and Profile

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Few peoples voices have had the capacity to soothe a troubled soul like Nat King Coles voice. With an enduring demand for Nat King Coles Vinyl Records, a closer look at the artist reveals a timeless legend worthy of any vinyl collectors shelf. Nat King Cole is without doubt one of the great crooners of all time.

Born in 1919 on 17th March in Montgomery Alabama, Nat would go on to become an all time American great. With music in the family Nat received a grass roots introduction to Music from his mother an organist at the local Church.

His style being rooted in Jazz, Nat came up through the music scene of Chicago his family having moved their from Montgomery.

Selling over 14 million albums throughout his career Nat King Cole leaves a musical legacy and catalogue few can match. With a total of 100 songs written by Nat some of his biggest hits include Unforgettable, Rambling Rose and Sweet Loraine.

A heavy smoker Nat sadly died young, at 45 he passed away from lung cancer leaving behind four children.

Nat King Coles Career in Music and on Screen

Nat’s importance as a musical leader and pioneer of social change should not be underestimated. With his ability to send women and men weak at the knees with his remarkable musical talent, he drew favour and bigotry. At the time when Nat was at his zenith a black artist able to span the cultural and racial divide in such a powerful way was rare a thing indeed. With his own TV show and an actor he pulled a huge following. Unfortunately Nat’s television career was hampered when his show was cut after just one season. He’d no doubt drawn envy from other performers and at a time of deep prejudice he was axed by TV executives.

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