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UK Capitol 45 Record Labels and Sleeves Archive From 1953 to 1983

Some History Of Capitol

Capitol Records began life in the United States in 1942. Founded by the Songwriter Johnny Mercer, the idea for the label was conceived while on the golf course. Based in sunny Hollywood the label garnered a huge cannon of artists including Nat King Cole and was the US label of The Beatles.

The label focussed on Pop Music and was 96% acquired by EMI in 1955. Capitol is currently owned by Universal Music Group who bought the label in 2012.

The labels famous logo dominated the Record shops of the world for decades

In memoriam of the label we have here an archive of Capitols 45 Sleeves and 45 Labels across the decades as were seen in the United Kingdom.

UK Capitol 45 Record Labels From Across The Decades 1953 – 1983

UK Capitol 45 Record Sleeves From Across The Decades 1953 – 1983

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